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    About Us

    GREAT FAST FOOD is what we do at our new restaurant & grocery store. Cactus Jacks brings Gluten Free food to Silver City, New Mexico.

    Going gluten free doesn't mean giving up taste, in fact the foods we retail are always at the highest quality and best tasting products that can be found.

    We went gluten free ourselves 4 years ago, and had great improvements in health as a side effect. I invite you and your family to try Cactus Jacks and make healthy eating part of your everyday.

    Healthy lifestyle made easy with the best foods, great service, ample parking & great prices. Its all gluten free and we are 90% organic, taste real food.


    • Gluten Free groceries and grill
    • Healthy Choices throughout the store
    • High quality and great tasting products
    • Great improvements in health due to healthy dietary choices
    • Healthy food choices for a healthy lifestyle


    Locally roasted, great taste
    Organic Barbeque Sauce
    Burrito Bowls... they are delicious!
    For lunch or dinner... Cactus Jacks Pizza hits the spot.
    You will find healthy and great-tasting Cake and Icing Mixes
    It's time to treat yourself to something special.
    We've expanded our Green roads. Check out the 1500
    This is a great thirst quencher
    Cactus Jacks accepts EBT
    Who needs Goldfish?  These cheddar snacks are fantastic and healthy.
    Fresh Pico    Just look at the picture.  You're mouth will begin to water.
    Fresh Produce at Cactus Jacks
    Gluten Free Pizza... try it, you'll like it!
    We love Green Chile
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