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We're proud to be supported by the lodgers and businesses of Silver City and Grant County!

Current weather conditions for Silver City and Grant County.

Photo credits, this page: Downtown Silver City by Bob Pelham. All other photos courtesy of agencies or businesses shown.

Religious organizations

From our communities' main streets to Wall Street and the world, local media and Internet providers keep our residents and businesses up to date on news, business, sports and more. Internet access is widely available in a variety of forms, and local radio and television stations provide coverage of local events.

Grant County is served by a number of media and Internet providers, keeping our businesses and residents in touch with the wider world.

Many of our motels and other accommodations provide high-speed Internet access for our visitors. Businesses and homes in the county have access to a variety of high-speed Internet options as well, including wireless, DSL, ISDN, satellite and dial-up service.

Daily newspapers and local radio stations provide lively—and frequently live—coverage of major civic events, elections and sporting events. Our community public-access television system offers channels for coverage of a wide range of community issues. And broadcast, satellite and cable options are available to link your television set to an almost unlimited number of channels.