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Get ready for three days of great music, beautiful weather and happy people! Silver City's annual Blues Fest is the Southwest's largest free blues festival, and you won't want to miss it! Find out more!

Gough Park, Silver City

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Show off your Grant County, and win part of $500: Learn more!

The Silver City - Grant County Chamber of Commerce wants to show off the people, places and events that make southwest New Mexico special, and they are offering a total of $500 in prize money for photos that show why Grant County and its surroundings are so special.

"We're blessed to live in a great place, filled with wonderful people, events and destinations," said Chamber CEO Scott Terry. "At the Chamber, we're working to showcase the best the area has to offer," he said, "but we realize that 'best' can mean lots of different things to different people. Maybe it means the Cliff Dwellings, the Gila Wilderness or our other world-class travel destinations. Or maybe it's a quiet corner of a park, an historic site in the county like Fort Bayard, or a charming area in the historic downtown area of Silver City. We'd like to give folks the chance to help show off Grant County in all its many faces."

Terry said the Chamber will be soliciting photos of the best of Grant County in a juried photo contest -- and will be using the residents of Grant County to help select the three best images. Beginning April 21, Terry said, photographers can send their images in electronic format to Learn more!

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Great activities and destinations:
  • The Catwalk
    The Catwalk National Scenic Trail offers a fascinating glimpse into the geologic and historic foundations of Grant County. The result of cataclysmic volcanic actions, the area now offers a beautiful picnic spot next to Whitewater Creek... Learn more.  
  • Penny Park
    Penny Park is a terrific stop for kid and parents alike: For kids, it’s a fun-filled shady acre with things to swing on, play with and run around. For parents, it’s a great introduction to life in our community — a community that works together to make good things happen. The Community Built Park is at 1305 N Grant, parallel to and 1 block west of Pope Street, 1 block north of 12th street, and 1/2 block south of Highway 180... Learn more. 
  • Camping
    Campsites in Grant County range from well-outfitted RV parks and comfortable cabins to primitive campsites with no running water or facilities. And with thousands of square miles to choose from you can find the terrain and camp type to suite your particular desires... Learn more.  
Named one of the best places to live, work and play!
  • "Best small town 2014"

    A Best Small Town to Visit in 2014!...
    There's something for everyone in Silver City, New Mexico, where the local population just tops 10,000. Locals say that it offers the "authentic New Mexico experience," but for each old west saloon, there's just as many unique, unexpected cafés serving pork loin bathed with bitter chocolate or Moroccan date-and-orange salad. Read more!

  • "50 Best Places to Live"
    National Geographic Adventure Magazine

    "Quaint, friendly, and affordable, southwestern New Mexico's Silver City is what Santa Fe was before trustafarians took over. Hike or bike seven miles of rocky trails in the rolling Boston Hills, a reclaimed historic mining area overlooking town. Or hook up with the nearby Continental Divide Trail ascending the Pinos Altos Mountains in 3.3-million-acre Gila National Forest." Read more!

  • Walk the same trails as the ancient Mogollon people!

    Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument offers a glimpse of the homes and lives of the people of the Mogollon culture who lived in the Gila Wilderness from the 1280s through the early 1300s. Learn more.

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Explore the rugged Mountain West along the Gila River

The beautiful Gila River creates and courses gently through the green Mimbres Valley, where long-time ranch families and new-comers alike make their homes.

In fact, folks have been living in and enjoying this area for more than 1,000 years: The Mimbres Culture Heritage Site, a world famous archaeological site, is now open to the public daily from 11 am to 3 pm. Mattocks Ruin is a collection of large pit houses and pueblo villages superimposed as the Mimbres people rebuilt their homes from 550 to 1140 CE. The main site has approximately 200 rooms.

Photo: The West Fork of the Gila River features dramatic canyons, gentle pools and some great swimming holes. Guides in the valley can help you extend your visit into some of the most remote and unvisited terrain in the United States!

Meet new friends in Hurley

The town of Hurley, started in the 1800s as a quintessential company town, retains the appeal and small-town feel of the early 20th Century, but with art galleries, businesses and schools that place it right at home in the 21st!

An active and energetic community organization, the Hurley Pride Committee, schedules events throughout the year and is active in proposing and implementing town improvement projects.

Hurley has long been associated with the county's copper mining industry, and remains so today. But in addition to jobs in mining, Hurley is a delightful small town, a great place to visit, and home to nearly 600 households of more than 1,500 people.

Photo: The old Hurley General Store now houses a modern art gallery, and is indicative of the small-town architecture that is preserved throughout the town of Hurley.

Small-town charm along the Gila and Mogollon Mountains

Bayard is located along the foothills of the Gila and Mogollon Mountains, along Highway 180 in the center of Grant County. It is situated east of the Continental Divide at elevation of approximately 5,800 feet. To the north lies the Gila National Forest and to the south a semi-arid desert of predominantly grasses and Yucca.

Formally known as Bayard Station, the present Village of Bayard began as a small depot on the Santa Fe Railroad and a homesteader's ranch house. The location now features a new, modern elementary school. The original depot, named Hall's Station, was located near the present one with a residence for the depot manager, O.M. Johns and his wife.

Photo: Bayard is home to elementary and high schools, quiet neighborhoods and municipal parks.

Pinos Altos: Tall pines and blue skies

Nestled in the Gila Forest on a sunny southern mountain slope, historic Pinos Altos (Spanish for "Tall Pines") could be your headquarters for fun and adventure in Silver City, Grant County and the huge Gila Wilderness.

While in town, visitors can walk through the pages of downtown history at historical sites and museum tours; enjoy great food and entertainment; try their hand at gold panning; or simply delight in the beautiful mountain views of the Gila National Forest.

Photo: On a clear day, from the tall, shady slopes of Pinos Altos you can see across the borders with Mexico to the south and Arizona to the west, both more than 80 miles away!

Home to Buffalo Soldiers, heart of the Mining District

Santa Clara is a small village in the center of Grant County with a long history as frontier outpost, company town, family-friendly community and more.

Santa Clara's exciting history and future both involve Fort Bayard, formerly home to Buffalo Soldiers of the U.S. Army, and now home to Fort Bayard Medical Center, a licensed and certified 200-bed long-term intermediate and skilled care facility. FBMC also offers chemical dependency treatment at Yucca Lodge Chemical Dependency Treatment Center.

Photo: Annual Fort Bayard Days give visitors a chance to see what frontier life was like for members of the US Army's famed Buffalo Soldiers!