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Current weather conditions for Silver City and Grant County.

Photo credits, this page: Comet Hale-Bopp by George Auston; Spring 2005 partial solar eclipse photos by John Gilkison. All other photos courtesy of agencies or businesses shown.

Dark skies make for great star gazing

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Where do I go?

Dark, dry skies across much of Grant County make for great star gazing almost everywhere. City of Rocks State Park and the Gila Wilderness are two great options, as is almost any remote spot in the county!

Grant County's broad skies and dark nights make for fantastic stag gazing — both for the hardcore astronomy enthusiast and the casual observer.

Stars-N-Parks programs, sponsored at City of Rocks State Park by the National Public Observatory, can help make sense of the densely-packed New Mexico night skies — particularly for folks who are unaccustomed to seeing thousands of individual stars in the night sky. Check the Chamber's events calendar for the next program and for the days of the next ne wmoon, when skies are darkest.

The Southern New Mexico Star Party is a three-day event that attracts astronomers from across the continent. Sponsored seasonally by the National Public Observatory, the Star Party offers numerous presentations and opportunities to understand the seasonal changes to our nighttime skies.


Please note that information regarding destination hours of operation, seasonal closings and other information is subject to change. Please contact the destination to confirm your travel plans, or contact the Silver City - Grant County Chamber of Commerce for assistance from our trained and knowledgeable volunteers!